FARM is an international agricultural technology company whose vision is to address key gaps in the agricultural value chain through the advancement and integration of innovatory technologies in global agricultural markets.

  • SLANTRANGE Expands Agricultural Drone Technology to International Markets

    Farmers across the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Panama, and Colombia can now improve field productivity with leading drone sensor and analytics technology. San Diego, Calif.—August 1, 2016—SLANTRANGE, a leading provider of nextgeneration drone-based remote sensing and analytics systems for agriculture, today announced partnerships with new distributors in the United States, […]

  • Supersmart satellites reveal crops and fields like never before – by Hal Hodson

    Jesse Allen/NASA EO-1 team/USGS

    WE’VE long had eyes in the sky. But now a handful of start-ups are using these satellites to monitor everything from flood damage to crop yield with greater frequency and detail than ever before. Efforts to keep tabs on Earth from above began with NASA’s Landsat programme, which started in 1973. It currently has two […]

  • NEWS RELEASE – Planet Labs and FARM Limited bring real time insight to agriculture in Africa

    Just a few years ago the thought of solving complex agricultural challenges through high resolution imagery on a grand scale of hundreds and thousands of hectares was simply unachievable. Not because the science of remote sensing was under developed and did not exist, but due to the cost and lack of commercial market access to […]